Ait-Themes Citadela Pro + Add-Ons v4.7.4
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Download Free Ait-Themes Citadela Pro + Add-Ons v4.7.4 Nulled

Ait-Themes Citadela Pro + Add-Ons Free Download 4.7.4 – AitThemes | Ait-Themes Citadela Pro + Add-Ons v4.7.4 expands free Citadela theme with advanced options that allow you to personalize your website look and feel. You can adjust fonts by using WordPress Customizer, set color, choose different headers, footer, sidebars and other layout settings.

WordPress plugin that transforms our Citadela theme nulled into an excellent web construction tool. Citadela Pro plugin utilizes the standard Gutenberg features, and is paired with WordPress Customizer. These are the original WordPress tools that permit you to change certain aspects within the WordPress theme without programming knowledge. With Citadela Pro, the this tool, you can change the appearance of your site. Block-based themes and WordPress fully-site edits are ahead of WordPress. It is ready to go forward.

WordPress customization plugins like the ones mentioned earlier you can add additional options and settings in the WordPress editor and administrator panel. With Citadela Pro, the Citadela Pro plugin, you can customize your Citadela WordPress theme and create an absolutely unique website each time. Citadela Pro plugin adds different styling choices for the other Citadela plugins, such as Citadela Listing as well as Citadela Blocks.

Color Autocalc

There is a whole science around using colors on websites to make sure the overall appearance is good. In order to make it simpler for you, we have auto colors.

Auto changes complementary colors on the web (like a font color) to conform with the contrast between the colors chosen and the elements of other pages.

Google Fonts

Typography represents your unique style and needs with a wide variety of fonts in the Google fonts database better than ever. This is particularly useful if your website’s language needs the use of special features.

Manage title types including font form and font weight worldwide.

Appearance settings of Header & Custom header

Pro plugin expands the header color setup customizer. You can also customize the default header style. Default header background images, color gradient and overlay settings can be set.

Header can be modified and configured on any page using Citadela Header Settings within Inspector. This helps you to achieve unique design using functions such as Transparent header or Content Header. On any subpage, you can also change the logo. Opportunities are limitless.

Complete width models content settings

There are no restrictions on pages without sidebars. To render Citadela as universal as possible for a Pro plugin, the default content width can be set. If you select Full width page design, you can set default content width to Default, Wide or Full Width. Both blocks and grids are adjusted automatically.

Settings for blog theme

Creating attractive blog templates Citadela Pro plugin provides customization options for blog page using the Gutenberg WordPress editor. You have total control over your blog design page. You can also use all Citadela blocks like maps or clusters to build a page you want. Blog posts may be seen as a Basic Layout or List.

Blog updates to your website anywhere

The new “Articles” block allows you to view blog posts on any page. You can only view posts that you want with several filter choices.

Feel good about your website

Simple modifications, like customized fonts and colours are likely to result in significant changes in the look and feel of your site. Be sure that your website is built to suit your requirements and you are satisfied with your site when you’re done making changes to it.

How do I work with Citadela Pro?

Make your website design more visually appealing. Citadela Pro lets you make changes that you can see in real-time. Based on your theme and the active WordPress plugins There are a variety of things you can modify like your logo and website title, colors and Menus, Fonts, Widgets, Header and Footer of your site.

Citadela Pro customization options are available upon login to the WordPress administrator area. It’s not necessary to install anything as it’s a fundamental element of WordPress itself.

  • Access to admin
  • Access via frontend

Site identification

The first thing you will come to when you customize your browser first is Site Identity. Like the name implies, this section can help you determine the identity of the identity of your site. It’s not only important from a design standpoint, but in every other way as well. Your website’s identity informs customers your identity and who you offer creates the first impression and enhances your brand.

General layout

The Layout section provides various predefined layouts. You can alter the way elements on your site are organized by a single click, and then see how it works for the specific website you have. The General Layout allows you to change between various Theme designs (e.g. modern, contemporary or classic) and also decide the rules that govern the footer widgets that fold down. There are many distinct settings that you can set for your site as well:

Content width sizes

Advanced settings for web content width. You can set it precisely how you’d like without worrying about losing responsiveness to your website for mobile phones. You can choose a customized size for your content, as well as a big and wide in the content.

Border radius options

A unique design option that permits users to define round edges for box objects across the entire website. The following is a settings to set round button edges. When combined with a general border-radius, you can alter your site’s overall appearance and feel.

It is the Citadela Pro plugin is a part of an General Layout area of WordPress. It’s not part of the Citadela free WordPress theme..

Ait-Themes Citadela Pro + Add-Ons v4.7.4
Ait-Themes Citadela Pro + Add-Ons v4.7.4
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