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Download Free Appyn WordPress Theme v2.0.10 – Themespixel

Appyn WordPress Theme Free Download v.2.0.10 – Themespixel – Appyn WordPress Theme Free Download 2.0.10 – Themespixel is for you as it is built to upload details from android phones if you are planning to build an app site. You can add the info, video, and images of the device in several ways.

We’re worried about how fast the Appyn WP Theme is, as it greatly affects Google and the consumer, of course. Speed by Pagespeed from Google The subject has been optimized for optimal speed.


We’re concerned about the speed of Appyn as it greatly influences results, and of course, the user. We’ve optimized Appyn so that it has the best possible speed.

The Appyn WordPress Theme is supplied with its own widgets, which can be put as in the sidebar.

We have Facebook, Twitter and YouTube classics among these widgets. The others are the most read, high-quality posts and the most recent ones; all of these can be sorted by type.

Optimized for All Devices

Designed for any device from a desktop to a mobile phone, with compatibility that depends on the screen size and retina-ready rendering of your text.

Results on Google Search Engine

A result’s placement in Google’s results plays a huge role in how successful it is. In order to address this, we use the stars to show that a post was the most clicked-upon blog post so far.

Upload APK files to Google Drive or Dropbox

Optimized for a seamless view from a laptop to a mobile phone on any computer. We have built every single detail to ensure your website is always lovely in every setting, supporting Retina images on HiDPI screens.

As of version 2.0.3, the Appyn theme brings the option to connect your Google Drive or Dropbox account.

Now, when you use the content importer and find an APK file of the application, it will be automatically uploaded to the chosen server.

Can I get all the APK’s of the apps?

No, we use websites where the APKs of thousands of apps are stored, however, some of them may not be available (such as paid apps for example).

Is there a limit to the use of the content extractor?

Yes, each client will be able to make up to 10,000 monthly requests.

Can i change the language of the theme?

It is currently available in Spanish (default language), English, Portuguese, Arabic and Russian. You can also add your languages ​.

Appyn WordPress Theme v2.0.10 – Themespixel
Appyn WordPress Theme v2.0.10 – Themespixel
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