AuctionTheme v6.0.1 – Responsive WordPress Auction Theme by SiteMile
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Download Free AuctionTheme – Responsive WordPress Auction Theme by SiteMile

AuctionTheme SiteMile Responsive WordPress Theme Free Download 6.0.1 – SiteMile | AuctionTheme v6.0.1 – Responsive WordPress Auction Theme by SiteMile is the best WordPress auction theme.

You can easily create an auction website in minutes. Outstanding advanced auction tools and features. Excellent service because that is what is most important these days.

This fantastic Auction Script has a responsive design and looks and functions great on mobile phones and tablets.

Auction with the fewest unique bids

Within minutes, you may establish a lowest unique bid auction type using our theme. Allow the item to sell to the highest unique bidder while keeping all bids hidden from one other.

Seat auction or raffle

The auction script allows you to run a raffle or seat auction in which all members must purchase a “seat” at the table in order to bid. The bidding price is built into the theme, and users must pay a predetermined bidding charge in order to take action on each transaction.

Regular eBay auctions

Launch a traditional auction site, comparable to eBay, with multi-seller capabilities.

Each vendor gets their own shop as well as a profile. It includes user ratings, a purchasing cart, and shipping options.

Type of Dutch Auction

This form of auction begins with a high price, and the bids are usually sealed. If the bid meets the reserve price, the lowest bidder wins the item.

Auction in Reverse

A reverse auction website is also an option. A reverse auction website works as follows: the item owner will start the auction with a high price, and consumers will bid lower each time.

The auction is won by the person who bids the most before the clock runs out.

Make Your Own Auction Website Right Now. Convert your WordPress website into a fully functional auction website. Make your own auction website, similar to ebay or ubid. A complete marketplace or auction solution with multiple vendors.

It has a robust back-end that is jam-packed with features for both auction posters and auction buyers, as well as several payment channels and tight WordPress integration. With a few mouse clicks, you can create your own auction website in minutes.

Why AuctionTheme?

This premium theme is by far the best and most popular WordPress Auction and Reverse Auction Theme accessible on the internet today.

The Auction Script has a plethora of functionality as well as robust, well-written code.

These features combine to make the Auction Theme the best and most desired WordPress theme (WordPress App) on the market for launching an auction website.

AuctionTheme v6.0.1 – Responsive WordPress Auction Theme by SiteMile
AuctionTheme v6.0.1 – Responsive WordPress Auction Theme by SiteMile
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