BuddyBoss – Platform Theme v1.8.5
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Download Free BuddyBoss – Platform Theme Nulled v1.8.5

BuddyBoss – Platform Theme Free Download 1.8.5 – BuddyBoss | BuddyBoss – Platform Theme v1.8.5 is designed to make the plugin look amazing on the BuddyBoss Platform.

Get your BuddyBoss Theme and Platform Pro now and start your online business with the most advanced solution for WordPress membership sales, courses, and online community building.

The BuddyBoss theme is a beautiful theme that the BuddyBoss Platform greatly compliments. It’s simple to set up and update and has a wide variety of options for configuration. Below is a video tutorial on downloading your BuddyBoss theme and the child theme, as well as many other features you will certainly love!

Connect to your network

Let your followers or customers to connect with your brand. Enhance engagement and retention and get valuable feedback. Let your employees be able to learn from each other to improve your brand’s credibility and decrease your work load.

Member Profiles

Every aspect of a community site is about its members. Create your own community using completely editable profiles which allow members to post information about themselves.

Social Groups

The BuddyBoss Platform lets members create private, public or hidden social zones with distinct members’ profiles and activity feeds.

Forum Discussions

Create a discussion board to enable participants of the group to interact in a logical, bulletin-board manner.

Member Connections

Make connections and concentrate on the people they value the most.

Zoom Meetings

Bring your online communities to an entirely new level with making it easy to schedule new Zoom meetings and managing your previous meetings using video conference.

  • Group Messaging
  • Activity Feeds
  • Branded and customized emails


Share and upload any document you want to you like on your feed or social group using the feature for all documents on the site.

  • Private Messaging
  • Network Search
  • Album & Media
  • User Content Management

Sell access, earn revenues and make wealth

Pay one-time or subscription fees to access your community online courses, digital downloads Groups, and much many more.

Engage and make it fun

Encourage your employees to achieve common goals , and gain points, badges awards or ranks, as well as certificates and other achievements. Instill in your employees the feeling of autonomy as well as mastery, motivation, and growth.

GamiPress Integration

BuddyBoss comes with a pre-designed style for GamiPress, the popular gaming plugin. GamiPress.


Deduct and award points to users when they complete specific goals, for example, when using content or communicating with the community


Your members should be encouraged to return to your website by offering rewards , such as unlocking new information or discount coupons as they use your site.


Members earn ranks after completing specific actions and then display badges and rank information on the profile of their user.

One Time Purchases

You can sell an access right to content or community as a one-time payment.


Earn revenue on a regular base by having members charged on a monthly basis.


Create a member account for users to get exclusive member-only content

WooCommerce Store

BuddyBoss is compatible with WooCommerce the most popular E-commerce WordPress plugin available on the Market.


Achievements are an engaging and fun environment where members are rewarded by completing specific tasks and steps.

Everything you require to tailor to fit your brand

BuddyBoss is a white-label , open source application designed to incorporate your brand. It has been built with flexibility in mind to give you to completely modify it to meet your specific needs for your project.

  • Demo Import
  • Custom Branding
  • Theme Layouts
  • Custom Header & Footers
  • Multilingual
  • RTL Support
  • Page Builders
  • Custom Icons

Your classes and your community on the move

Mobile is already taking the lead over desktops in terms of use. In this age of mobile-based communications having a mobile strategy is crucial to the success of your business. Make it possible to access your courses and your community from any location you are, and increase engagement. This will help build an unstoppable following.

White Label Mobile App

Create your own mobile app that you have created using Our BuddyBoss integration.

Push Notifications

Members receive push notifications about different events, like when they are mentioned in the feed of activity and another member makes a an invite to become friends and so on.

You can also inform your members whenever you introduce new membership or courses and let them upgrade or purchase with ease using your mobile application.

You can see it on your account

We will submit your iOS app as well as your Android app to be published on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store by using your account. You will need the final mobile app design as well as the required assets.

Native iOS and Android App

We develop a launch app that is native to iOS and Android app that we then upload into both your Google Play Store account and your Apple App Store account.

In-App Purchases

Offer access to your membership website or course by making in-app purchases via Apple Pay for iOS and Google Pay for Android. Facilitate your customers to sign up to upgrade, purchase additional items from your store. Upgrades, subscriptions and one-time payment are all provided.

Real-time sync with the website

Our apps are native and utilize WordPress for their backend. Data is synchronized in real-time between your mobile application and your WordPress website.

Your customers can participate in your community online, your eLearning website or membership site on your website and continue using mobile devices, with no hassle.

BuddyBoss – Platform Theme v1.8.5
BuddyBoss – Platform Theme v1.8.5
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