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Download Free DateBook – Dating WordPress Theme v4.6.3

DateBook – Dating WordPress Theme Free Download v.4.6.3 – ThemeForest | DateBook v4.6.3 – Dating WordPress Theme is the specially created dating theme for dating websites.

The DateBook WP Theme was built on the basis of world technical site experience and our customers ‘ requests. Always required functions in actual life, in reality, and not in theory.

Different subscription plans can include different features, allowing the members to pick the features they need and pay for them.

Get payments from PayPal or Paystack gateways using the integrated DateBook subscription or the integrated WooCPhotos WooCmmerce extension (more gateways are to be introduced in the next updates).

The theme does not have Payment gateways plugins. They are only mentioned to demonstrate that WooCommerce supports them. If you want to accept WooCommerce payments, you must first check if a payment gateway is open. The availability, reliability, and issues which might occur with payment plugins cannot be our responsibility.

Private Chat messaging

This theme comes with a private message to communicate with your members in real time.

Featured status

Allow your members to pay so that their profiles can be placed in special locations, including on or under the front page. Get extra revenue if members use this feature to highlight their profiles.

Top status

The highest status is the location on the search page of a profile at the top position (above the usual profiles). By allowing your members to pay for moving profiles to the top spot, you will generate large revenues.

Photos Uploads

You can easily upload your images from our dating theme. The upload process is clean and quick to add profiles for users.

In profile images, the blur effect can be applied. Their photos can be hidden from unsubscribed or non-registered users. Both their pictures are blurred in this situation.

Simulation – imitate online presence of users

Switch to demo profile online indicators. Creates the feeling as if you were logged in and present on your site by many people.

Increase the number of views on demo profiles weekly as if those profiles are regularly viewed.

100% Responsive

Responsive design is a must for every major online business. It gives your tourists a better viewing experience and also a better rating for your search engine!

Changelog DateBook Nulled Dating WordPress Theme

Version 4.6.1 (15 January 2022):

Improved: all forms have been improved.
Improved: custom fields improved.
Improved: now default subscription plan is assigned to user again after paid plan expires.
Fixed: horizontal layout of search form did not work properly.
Fixed: bug in forms fixed.
Fixed: gender buttons in search form stayed clicked in mobile.
Fixed: matching displayed error if match settings were not saved.
Fixed: Zodiac sign was displayed incorrectly.
Fixed: IP location stopped displaying info on profile.
Translated: theme was translated into Arabic and Chinese.
Fixed: widget comments displayed comments from deleted users.
Fixed: IP location did not display info due to provider’s error.
Improved: some functions were optimized to run faster.
Fixed: many little bugs fixed.

Version 4.6.0 (19 September 2021):

Fixed: warning message “Profile is pending…” was displayed even if profile was active.
Improved: widgets Related profiles now can display profiles from other cities and countries.
Added: Match Making function added to compare profile for compatibility.
Added: Polish and Portuguese languages added.
Added: forms can have 3 columns.
Added: Search form can search for countries or countries and regions only.
Added: custom fields can have different titles in profile and search forms.
Added: RTL support added for languages like Hebrew or Arabic.
Fixed: error was displayed in chat window if period of time for limited chat was not selected.
Fixed: Top and Featured statuses were not activated automatically.
Fixed: limit in chat did not work after switching on another subscription plan.
Improved: Featured profiles can be hidden on different screen sizes.
Fixed: search displayed regions incorrectly if only one country was enabled.
Fixed: text fields in forms did not save temporary content.

Version 4.5.9 (23 June 2021):

Fixed: subscription did not work properly on some php versions.
Fixed: subscription did not change correctly in admin area due to non-English language.
Improved: subscription now displays quantity of Top and Featured statuses.
Added: submit button in chat gets temporarily disabled after submission.
Fixed: quantity of images in chat did not allow to upload more images.
Fixed: friends shortcode did not display profiles.
Fixed: date in international languages displayed incorrectly.
Fixed: custom reserved fields could not be deactivated.
Added: new special title fields added to the search form.
Fixed: suspended text About me was not displayed to author of profile.
Fixed: modified About me text was not displayed if suspended.
Fixed: changed email in settings prevented other notifications from being sent.
Improved: each image size improved.
Improved: now all images sizes can be controlled.
Improved: “no-image.png” file replaced by SVG image format “no-image.svg”.
Improved: now the theme can be run on PHP 8.
Fixed: Subscription by default was not assigned after photo was uploaded and profile completed.
Fixed: Simulation chat did not send second message properly.
Fixed: Subscription plan in theme options could not be created.
Fixed: Registration form was not displayed if subscription plan was deactivated.

Version 4.5.8 (23 April 2021):

Fixed: Subscription in WooCommerce displayed incorrectly.
Added: message was read confirmation icons added in Chat.

Version 4.5.7 (22 April 2021):

Fixed: Top and Featured could not be activated by user after expiration.
Fixed: Chat allowed to send more messages than allowed, after logging out and login again.
Fixed: profile was wrongly activated after uploading a photo even if subscription was not selected.
Fixed: Subscription in profile was not expired properly.
Fixed: Paystack stopped working.
Improved: SEO title and description in meta tags improved.
Fixed: profile was not activated after subscription in WooCommerce.

Version 4.5.6 (5 April 2021):

Fixed: image uploading field in theme options did not work properly.
Fixed: quantity of users in chat limited by subscription did not work correctly.
Fixed: subscription incorrectly redirected after confirmation.
Fixed: pending friends panel was visible to public.
Added: Bootswatch themes added in addition to Bootstrap.
Improved: widget “Related profiles by city” now does not display a profile that is viewed.
Fixed: quantity of approved friends was counted incorrectly.
Added: period of Top and Featured statuses can be set in minutes now.
Added: force redirect a user can be optional now.
Fixed: allowed quantity of photos was counted incorrectly if user was subscribed.
Fixed: User was not force redirected to photo or profile forms if he must upload photo or complete profile.
Fixed: Subscription plans can be hidden on the WooCommerce Shop page.
Fixed: Top and Featured statuses could be activated again after limited number.
Fixed: unread messages in chat appeared twice.
Improved: image rotation improved.
Added: shortcode support for Rank Math plugin added.
Added: simulation chat added.
Fixed: tooltips were displayed incorrectly in user menu.

Version 4.5.5 (3 March 2021):

Fixed: custom fields were incorrectly validated.
Fixed: forms did not display some custom fields and caused in error.
Added: rotation of images added.

Version 4.5.4 (1 March 2021):

Fixed: blank page appeared after registration.
Improved: demo profile installer improved.
Improved: countries installer improved.
Fixed: select field in forms did not display on profile page.
Fixed: retina images were created and deleted incorrectly.
Fixed: retina images displayed stretched in some browsers.
Fixed: Online indicator did not display on search page.

Version 4.5.3 (25 February 2021):

Improved: email can be changed if verification was sent to wrong address.
Added: retina image support can be disabled.
Added: user can be redirected to custom page after email verified.
Added: Force redirect options added to Photos and Profile edit.
Added: email notification can be sent to admin if user deactivates or deletes his profile.
Fixed: retina images were created with wrong smaller sizes.
Fixed: Word Filter removed numbers from fields.
Fixed: some fields in forms were not saved correctly.
Fixed: search did not work correctly.
Fixed: profile data were wrongly displayed in widget related profiles.
Fixed: some fields in forms were not checked correctly.
Improvements: some small improvements and bug fixes.

Version 4.5.2 (16 February 2021):

Fixed: administrator could not change city of unpublished profile.
Fixed: search did not display profiles without Top status.
Fixed: some custom fields in forms were checked/validated improperly.
Fixed: custom meta title of profile was displayed improperly.
Fixed: profiles with missing main fields could not be deleted.
Fixed: user could upload images without subscription.
Fixed: universal form did not remember some fields.
Fixed: design elements of Top profiles and search page fixed.
Fixed: blur effect was not added to old images.
Improved: countries and cities are now sorted alphabetically in different languages.
Improved: countries window now displays regions or countries based on saved location.
Improved: design of chat window did not display correctly in mobile browsers.

DateBook v4.6.3 – Dating WordPress Theme Nulled
DateBook v4.6.3 – Dating WordPress Theme Nulled
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