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Calafate offers Calafate is a fresh approach for developers, designers and other users to use WordPress. The Portfolio site is redesigned to showcase your best contents.

Just as adventurous explorers discover different ways of living and thinking out of the box and challenging the limits of our human experience, your work also needs new and unique ways of communicating with your customers.

The Calafate brand is introduced. WordPress and Calafate are similar but distinct.


dedicated to a life time of improvements and advancements and ‘Covers’ is a feature that was introduced in v1.3.0. The feature was created to present your latest projects, highlighted works, or to highlight products that are unique within your shop This is an user-friendly tool which create a stunning fully animated page and impress the customers upon their arrival.

This is a modern WordPress canvas that focuses on the content we have developed the tools needed to allow you to make something truly unique and creative – all you have to do is have to upload your finest contents to bring it into reality.

Try it out for a test run now and experience what you think of it.


Calafate includes the ability to build your own customized page to ensure that your site won’t get overloaded with code that isn’t needed, and your page’s markup is SEO-friendly. It creates the most clean markup, free of unclean elements and unnecessary codes that other designers could add to your webpages, which can slow down your website.

Calafate concentrates on what is important, the tools for creativity that can be paired with the best material.

In just a couple of clicks, you are able to create complicated layouts with ease, all while using a variety of creative tools.

It is possible to explore the basic elemental elements of a page in numerous ways utilize colors on every page. You can combine these by fading actions to create fascinating experiences. The possibilities of combinations are infinite.

Make yourself stand out against the rest with Calafate to WordPress.

It will amaze you by the speed of technology used by Calafate which makes your web pages loads extremely fast due to its advanced AJAX capabilities.

There are a lot of simple and useful tools designed to aid you in making amazing project-based presentations. We have been working with various creative individuals and are familiar with the tools and features that you’re seeking to help you unleash your imagination.

Your website can be transformed from dull to fantastic in just a few just a few minutes. This is Calafate.

Complete features list

  • Responsive Naturally
  • AJAX powered theme. It is also possible to disable this option.

  • Two different navigations. One is a standard one, and the other is smaller one.
  • Unique & lightweight custom page builder. Create unique and extremely creative layouts that present your work with ease.
  • WordPress The WordPress Customizer is ready
  • Packery, Isotope & masonry layouts
  • Regular pagination
  • Cool filtering technique to filter your items for use in projects
  • Multiple portfolio pages
  • Two styles of blogs that are ‘Minimal’ and ‘Magazine’ (notice that only one style can be used, and it is different from the demonstration)
  • Backgrounds with custom fullscreen colors for each project ……
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